Rose Garden

This outstanding Rose Garden displays all of the recognized rose families and represents one of the finest collections of historic roses in the southern hemisphere, ranging from the earliest European and China roses through to the roses of the twenty first century.

The plan of the Rose Garden is formal and symmetrical and acknowledges the 19th Century context in which it sits. Some of the rose beds are planted in such a way that the visitor can enjoy an educational experience, with each variety identified by a nameplate.

The central parterre garden, 117 metres long and 35 metres wide is planted with sculptured beds and grassed pathways. This garden, known as the George Adams Memorial Garden is named after the founder of Tattersall's, a major sponsor.

The Rose Arbor, a modern steel structure running south to north is 80 metres in length and 5 metres wide. It is planted with 72 Westerland climbing roses. A pathway runs the length of the arbor and leads the visitor towards the stunning views of the historic village of Longford.