The Archer Family

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Thomas Archer I (1790–1850)
Woolmers Estate was settled in circa 1817 by Thomas Archer the 1st. It has existed through six generations of Archers, until the death of Thomas William the 6th in 1994.

Thomas William Archer II (1818–1844)
Woolmers Cottage was built for him. He died of Scarlet fever at the age of 26.

Thomas William Chalmers Archer III (1840–1890)
Inherited Woolmers at age 10. The estate was held in trust for him while he was sent to England to be educated, so Woolmers was leased to tenant farmers. When he returned he entertained and leased out the farmland.

Thomas Cathcart Archer IV (1862–1934)
Having little interest in farming he also leased out the farmland. He is best remembered as a champion golfer who played in the Australian open.

Thomas Edward Cathcart Archer V (1892–1975)
Became an orchardist growing apples on the property for distribution locally and the mainland. The orchard utilized only a small portion of the estate. He purchased the 1913 Wolseley to take his wife Marjorie around Tasmania for their honeymoon.

Thomas William Archer VI (1917–1994)
Continued to maintain Woolmers and left the estate and its contents to the Archer Historical Foundation Inc (now called the Woolmers Foundation Inc.) as it was his wish to share this historical treasure with the public.

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