News of Thomas' success in obtaining land grants and establishing a vast estate in Van Diemens Land soon reached his family in Hertford.  Of his four brothers, three came to the colony and established their own properties on the Norfolk Plains, close to Woolmers. Thomas' father also came.

In 1821 Joseph Archer arrived and settled Panshanger, to be followed by William in 1824, who established Brickendon; and Edward, who settled Leverington.

In a remarkably short time the family acquired tens of thousands of acres on the Norfolk Plains. The landscape was similar to the one they had grown up with, and as a comforting reminder of this they named their properties after estates in Hertford.

Already having close ties to the land, the Archers introduced technology and equipment that made farming easier and more profitable. They also brought out fine merino sheep to improve their flocks. They cleared the native vegetation, introduced new grasses and created a landscape similar to that in England.

The Archer name became identified throughout the colony for both innovative farming methods and a tradition of public service. They played a prominent role in the history of Van Diemens Land and in shaping the future lifestyle and prosperity of Tasmania.

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