Woolmers Estate

A guided tour of Woolmers Estate allows you to experience a special journey through time, from the establishment of the estate in 1817, by Thomas Archer 1st, to the last descendant, Thomas Archer 6th in 1994, and marvel at the array of personal collections and possessions accumulated through six generations of the family.

  • Site open 9.30am to 4.00pm 7 days a week
  • Closed on selected public holidays  - Group bookings by appointment
  • Guided homestead tours - Group bookings essential
  • Servants Kitchen cafe

Woolmers was continuously occupied by the Thomas Archer family from circa 1817 to 1994 and is acknowledged as one of the most outstanding examples of 19th century rural settlements in Australia.

The array of extant buildings on Woolmers Estate including family houses, workers' cottages, former chapel, blacksmith's shop, stables, bakehouse, pump house, gardener's cottage etc. provides an insight into the social structure of a colonial pastoral estate. At an estate of this size, a virtual small village was formed where up to 100 people might be living and working at one time.

In addition to the architectural heritage, the site contains a wide range of collections acquired by the family over 180 years, providing a rare insight into six generations of one family. The combination of the historical collections, the buildings and the site itself represents a significant cultural resource and an important visitor attraction.

Morning tea and light lunches are available from the cafe.