World Heritage Listing

Woolmers Estate is a World Heritage Listed Convict Site.

The Australian Convict Sites consists of a series of 11 sites that, in combination, express the key aspects of the Australian convict experience that are of outstanding universal value from the point of view of global history.

The sites are:

- Old Government House & Domain, Parramatta New South Wales

- Hyde Park Barracks, New South Wales

- Great North Road Complex, New South Wales

- Darlington Probation Station, Maria Island National Park, Tasmania

- Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania

- Coal Mines Historic Site, Tasmania

- Cascades Female Factory

- Fremantle Prison, Western Australia

- Kingston and Arthur`s Vale Historic Area

- Brickendon and Woolmers Estates

- Cockatoo Island Convict Site

Woolmers Estate, owned by the Archer family until 1994 and now owned by a private trust, comprises more than 18 buildings and structures in a rural setting of 13 hectares. Woolmers Homestead, a large two-storey building with a flagged veranda, was the home of the ‘private master’.

The homestead was extended in 1843 with a two-storey Italianate addition and remodelled kitchen and service wing. Female convicts lived in the attic above the residence and worked in the home and the nearby Kitchen (also the Servant's Quarters), Provisions Store and Bakers Cottages all of which retain their original form. Male convicts worked away from the main homestead in the fields, Farm Stables, Cider House, Woolshed, Blacksmith’s Shop, Coach House and Stables and Pump House. Convict era Workers’ Cottages, Coachman's Cottage and Shed and Coach House and Stables are also on the estate.

The archaeological site of the Male Convict Barracks is believed to be located towards the bottom of the hill. A Chapel (more recently an apple packing shed), centrally located on the estate, was for the sole use of convicts. A vast collection of artefacts and written materials has survived from the convict era and remain in the homestead.